Businesses that improve our customers’ lives.

Ecofibre makes products that help people live healthier, more sustainable lives. Ecofibre has built its business around a plant that has historically played a significant role in feeding, clothing, and healing the world.

Innovative. Sustainable.

Ecofibre is focused on providing its customers with premium, quality, safe and compliant products. The company has built an innovative and sustainable business to deliver the best of this plant to more customers around the world.


Hemp is a great protein source, exceptionally rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids , contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, naturally high in fibre, has almost no simple carbohydrates or sugar and is free of known allergens with hemp seed containing no gluten, dairy, soya, or lactose.


Full spectrum hemp extract contains cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have scientifically proven potential to assist health and wellbeing. Research is rapidly advancing, and more is needed, which is why Ecofibre continues to invest in a range of clinical studies to help our patients better understand the benefit of CBD for opioid dependency, sleep, anxiety, and pain.


We manufacture high performance specialty yarns and fabrics for a range of industries.

Hemp Black’s range of activewear delivers performance with the natural benefits of hemp, including anti-odor properties with no heavy-metal additives. Yarns are solution-dyed rather than piece dyed, and manufactured by 3D knitting rather than traditional cut-and-sew, which minimises industrial waste and pollution. Hemp Black’s yarn, fabric and manufacturing supply chain is located in the USA, which dramatically reduces product miles-travelled.