Leading the industry.

The global industrial hemp industry is forecast to grow to US$13.8bn by 2027 with the United States as a key global producer and consumer. To accelerate and capture the benefits both from a commercial and sustainability standpoint, political and industry leadership is required.


As one of the world’s only diversified hemp companies, Ecofibre has taken the leadership position, in conjunction with the US Hemp Roundtable, to advocate and develop the infrastructure required to establish commercial and industry standards.

These standards are needed to accelerate investment to achieve a reliable supply of standardised inputs.


Together with the Roundtable, Ecofibre is working with federal and state governments, growers, and leading US manufacturers and brands to develop a multi-year program that will:

  • accelerate the build of infrastructure needed for hemp to integrate into existing US industrial supply chains; and
  • ensure industrial hemp is at the centre of all sustainability decisions to help grow its relative importance across multiple industries


Ecofibre will begin the introduction of hemp into core markets such as the textile and building industries.

By working in conjunction with these industries, the addition of hemp can help these industries deliver meaningful changes to sustainability.