A house near a hemp field

Why it matters to us.

Ecofibre’s priority is to provide the best returns for its shareholders. To achieve this objective, the company has built sustainable, commercial business models in highly attractive industries: Natural health care, Plant-based foods, and Sustainability as a product.

Our Approach.

The company’s values are underpinned by its commitment to improve the environments Ecofibre works in.

Specifically, its businesses improve the lives of our customers and at the same time genuinely improve all environments Ecofibre operates in.

Ecofibre believes that this approach will deliver its shareholders the best, most consistent, long-term returns.

Sustainable by design.

Ecofibre’s LEEDS platinum certified US headquarters and production facility in Kentucky has reduced onsite water consumption by 40% and reduced energy consumption by 57% through the use of 108 geothermal wells + solar as its majority energy supply.

Seeding the solution.

Ecofibre supplies its globally significant hemp genetics to growers, researchers, and other partners to help establish hemp as an agricultural resource and supplier for different industries.

Ecofibre is supporting agronomic trials and research across the United States and Australia and adapting its genetics to span a wide range of growing environments, latitudes and crop outcomes.

Commitment to Research.

Ecofibre invests in research and development across our businesses from product innovation to manufacturing methods, plant science and agronomy, clinical trials and food studies.

We fund TGA* and FDA* authorised clinical trials and other high-quality studies to advance the knowledge of full spectrum hemp extract for patients suffering from pain, sleep disturbance and anxiety.

*Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.