Demand for consumer goods will double in the next twenty years as disposable income increases in our world’s most populous nations; however, the ability for our planet to double the production of raw materials such as oil, timber and cotton to meet this demand is neither plausible nor sustainable. 

A paradigm shift in our source of raw materials is required. This new source must be sustainable and help preserve the future of our planet. The answer is industrial hemp.



Imagine a plant that could curb world hunger, clothe and heal the world and boost the economy. Turns out that plant already exists. 

Industrial hemp refers to the non-psychoactive (less than 1% THC) varieties of Cannabis Sativa L. Over the years, hemp has been unjustly demonized due to its association with marijuana, but this good seed is shedding a bad name. As promising research and mass interest grows in what many are calling a “miracle plant,” hemp is making a comeback of global proportion.



Our customers use our products for their health and well-being, so it’s important for us to ensure quality at every step. We’re focused on providing our customers with premium, quality, safe and compliant products and building an innovative business to deliver the best of this plant to more customers around the world.


We invest heavily in research and innovation because we believe the hemp industry is only in its infancy, and Ecofibre is focused on a long-term sustainable business model. We are proud to partner with the top thought leaders in the industry to explore and develop new ways to use hemp in nutraceutical, industrial and consumer products. 

The technologies developed through our deep industry partnerships open endless possibilities to address health and resource issues by providing high-quality, innovative solutions. These solutions will change the way we do things today and simultaneously provide a more sustainable, global solution.