DEA Plans to Quintuple Amount of Cannabis Grown for Research

The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have proposed to significantly increase the amount of cannabis that can legally grow in the U.S. for research purposes and reduce the number of opioids that are manufactured in the nation in 2019. The 2019 Aggregate Production Quota for Schedule I and II […]

Jefferson Gets $3M for Cannabis Research

Australian philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert gave the donation to Jefferson’s medical cannabis research center. Jefferson University announced today it had received a $3 million donation from Australian philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert to fund medical research into cannabis. As a result, the school is renaming its cannabis research center the Lambert Center for the […]

Why millionaire Barry Lambert invested $34 million in medicinal cannabis

Barry Lambert is gazing out the picture window of his Sydney home at a multimillion-dollar beach view. Around him his grandchildren fiddle on their phones while his wife Joy sips tea. Lambert drinks a cappuccino he’s just bought at the local café. It’s a charming family scene – except for one thing. At the table […]

Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis grower is packing its bags and moving to the US

Australia’s largest medicinal cannabis grower, which is backed by finance sector identities Barry Lambert and Chris Cuffe, has decided to stop production here and move to the US where it says the legal framework is much more favourable. Ecofibre recently completed a $12 million capital raising with cash from Mr Lambert and Mr Cuffe. But […]

Jefferson Receives $3 Million from Australian Philanthropist to Support Research in Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp

Landmark Gift will Rename the Existing Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research (CMCER) PHILADELPHIA  – The Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University has received a $3 million gift from Australian philanthropists, Barry and Joy Lambert, to support its Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research. In recognition of this commitment, the […]

Cannabis as Medicine: Talking Shop with Dr. Charles Pollack of Thomas Jefferson University

After learning the benefits CBD has on those suffering from Dravet’s Syndrome, Australian millionaire Barry Lambert invested over $20 million into cannabis research at the University of Sydney. Continuing his donations to fund the research, Lambert donated $3 million more to Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in the United States. This research allowed TJU to begin […]